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014. auvoir, finals week.

Finals week is done, so I'm officially done with Fall 2009. Definitely this finals week was the most hectic out of all the ones that I have had. 4 actual exams, 2 presentations, 2 papers, and 1 project (which ended up not being counted due to the other section cheating; what idiots!), so I was pulling my hair out to actually get through the week. Lucky for me, I made it! How were your finals weeks?

As for the Christmas cards, I haven't sent them out yet! I'm so sorry everyone, it's been so busy here. I'll be sending them out tomorrow, so they may be Christmas/New Year's cards. I'm so horrible at this, LOL. But I haven't forgotten about you guys :) Also, received Sophie's (sophierochelle) card yesterday and it was so cute! I love penguins, so it's currently hung up on my mirror right now :)

On a happy note: I was named saturdaysocials last icon maker standing for challenge two! Thanks to everyone who voted and I was so shocked that I won. I was squealing because I was so excited. Speaking of LIMS challenges: xoxolims and dstarslims could always use more voters, yes yes? Thanks ♥

Glee was epic for its finale. Lea Michele's Don't Rain on my Parade was genius, while Amber Riley's And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going was absolutely phenomenal. I seriously am bummed that the fall session is over and cannot wait for it to get started up again. I have both of the soundtracks spinning on my iPod constantly; they are all amazing singers. I especially am loving Last Christmas, as it is the Christmas season.

Dollhouse has also been amazing and I am even more bummed that it has been canceled. I am loving the current storyline and will watch it until the end. I hope they pull a Firefly and make a movie for it; Fox has a way of canceling amazing shows.

Well, probably not going to post for a couple days due to Christmas, but hope to see you guys for the new year!
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011. i want your love and i want your revenge.

I felt like I haven't updated in forever. School is about one month away from ending (I actually think it's more like three weeks), so studying has been kicked into high gear. Two exams this week (one which I do very bad on because I studied the wrong content *sad*) and another next week. Not to mention, two projects due in two weeks and two 15 page papers due in three. Well, one of them is half done and the other is just a comparative book review, so I'm reading for that this weekend and hopefully I will start on it next week.

And then, finals. Wow, this semester went by really fast. I don't expect to get ~spectacular grades this sem, mainly because I was kind of focusing more on work than school. Yes, I know, bad, but I was kind of caught a rock and a hard place. Work pays for, basically, everything, but I love (some of) my classes this semester.

Next semester looks to be amazing, with nothing but Multimedia classes (and one Comp Sci class). I'm going to be taking Photojournalism, which I am going to have to shell out money for a DSLR. Despite that (major) setback, I am looking forward to it.

Glee yesterday was great. I was tearing up throughout the whole episode (especially during the whole Quinn ordeal) and thought it was a great episode. I kind of wish Puck sang a ballad (who doesn't?) but am quite satisfied with the song choices this round. Gossip Girl has rekindled my love for Serena/Nate (I will always love the S/N/B love triangle because of the books). Speaking of GG books, I am slowly reading through the sequel novel that just came out. Not bad so far, but I haven't gotten too far to make a solid judgment.


Hmm, other than that, for those on the friends list, don't forget about the holiday cards! If you have a post, leave the link here and I would love to get a card from you :) I would LOVE to send all of you cards, so if you want one, just comment to the card post. ♥
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007. because all the cool kids are doing it.

Okay, not really, but I have decided to open gleekitout, a daily glee community!

posts are locked, so join and watch for all your daily glee needs!

I definitely didn't want to do like ~dailyglee or ~gleedaily because it's so overdone. Here's a fresh name to a tired idea. :) I think there is already a daily glee community, but its hardly updated and I have been OBSESSED with the show.

Also, looking for 1 or 2 posters (not to post everyday, but occasionally) so if you are interested, comment! I want this to go well. :)

Daily posts start tomorrow, so promote, promote, promote! :)
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004. all eyes on me.

New-ish layout. Thought I should add a banner, spruce it up a bit. Thanks to everyone who commented on my username change. I love you guys; you're super awesome. XD

How has everyone been doing? I'm catching up on the friends posts right now, but I don't know if I'll have time to get through reading and commenting. It's just been so hectic here, with school and work. I apologize in advance if you have written an entry that I haven't commented on! But, it is on my goals list: getting to know you guys.

Fandom-wise, everything this week has been okay so far. I finally watched the season premiere of House on Hulu (it completely sucks they have an EIGHT day delay). I thought it was pretty good, but was kind of sad that there wasn't really a medical mystery to this episode. Now, I've gotta wait for next week to catch up on this week. I hate being a week behind.

As for Gossip Girl, I have to say, this season isn't as good as I was hoping, but they are showing some signs of a plot. I am really excited for next week when Jenny gets more screen time. We'll see how the next couple episodes go before I completely judge how well (or not well) the season is going.

Melrose Place, Melrose Place. Honestly, I love the fact that it is the Katie Cassidy show (because she is amazing), so that's keeping me watching. I'm still a bit iffy; I definitely need to watch more episodes before I give a final verdict if I like it or not.

Still have to watch Glee and Dollhouse, but I'll recap those at the end of the week.

As for school, I had my first "test" today, but I was prepared. We had design presentations yesterday where we had to bring in an ad and show good design elements. Hit that one out of the park. I'm just so bored with school; I don't seem to be learning anything that I want to.
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003. scene change.

eightlives → voirs

That's right everyone, this is my new username. For those of your who don't know, voir is the French verb for see. I actually (a couple months back) was interested in changing to a French verb username (voirs, ecrires, etc.), but all of the ones I wanted were taken. ~voirs was my first choice, and by fate, when I posted on tinytrades looking for a new username, Keish keilimepie had the username! (Thank you so much Keish!) I guess, sometimes, you can get what you want.

The layout will be changing momentarily, but first: Gossip Girl.
tvd; game on.

002. don't stop believing.

For those who know me, you might notice something different. I have completely decided to purge everything that I have previously written in this journal. No, I didn't just mass change the settings of each entry to private, but deleted every single entry (which was close to 400 entries accumulated in the past 5 years).

Why would I do such a thing? I decided that I needed a fresh start because I feel like I am a new person. While deleting the entries, I was reading through what I had written over the years, starting from high school all the way to college. Some of the entries made no sense to me; they seemed like a lifetime ago.

And it's true...they are from a lifetime ago. I'm not the same girl I was from high school: I grew up and grew out. This is a new beginning.

What you will see from now on is me trying to find my place in the world. I have a lot of goals and hopefully, through the entries written here, I will document everything that happens to me. I want to be able to read this journal and see the progression of my life as I step out into the real world and become a part of a bigger picture.

With that said, I am going to be keeping all my friends from before the purge and I have also opened my friends only post to accept more friends if we have things in common. I still have the same interests, but am going to be having a different blog style. Some posts will be public and some friends-only. If you do wish to leave and would like me to remove you, please feel free to do so, no hard feelings. :)

Let's see how this goes, everyone.